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Abortion: The Best Decision

            Pregnancy can be the most exciting time for a woman, to experience a life growing inside of her. However, what if when a woman finds out she is pregnant dread and unhappiness overcomes her? If there was no planning involved for the pregnancy or if it was under conditions beyond her control, she may not have the desire to keep the baby. She can choose to carry the baby to term and be unhappy or she has the option to abort the baby. Abortion is an operation or other intervention to end a pregnancy by removing an embryo or fetus from the womb. To have an abortion takes great deliberation and it would not be an easy choice no matter the situation. Although there are many different views on abortion sometimes it may not be the best scenario for the woman to carry a baby to term, and her happiness would outweigh all consequences. .
             Under utilitarianism theory, the morally right action is the one that produces the most favorable balance of good over evil, everyone considered. With this in mind, what action should a rape victim take when she finds out she is pregnant because of the rape? Finding out she is pregnant due to the rape may make her feel violated all over again. The act of being sexually assaulted alone can be psychologically damaging to a woman not including getting pregnant by the rapist. Author Ana Maria Jaramillo writes an article about pregnancy resulting from rape and states, "that rape can bring about long-term physical and emotional disorders, affecting the victim's life in countless ways. Victims of rape are more prone to suicide, depression and sexual dysfunction and are vulnerable in many other ways to disillusionment and unhappiness."1 Would it be in the best interest of the baby to be born to a mother that is depressed or contemplating suicide? What if the animosity for her rapist took over and she felt the need to kill the baby after giving birth? Therefore, it leaves her to question if it would be in her and the babies best interest to carry the baby to term.

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