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Winston and O'Brien's Relationship - 1984

            Have you ever heard the saying, "Keep your friends close, but your enemies' closer?" In the novel 1984, written by George Orwell, this is exactly what Orwell has done with two of his primary characters. The character O'Brien has kept a close eye on Winston for many years. He has watched Winston's every movement, waiting for the day when Winston would be sent to the Ministry of Love. Even after O'Brien tricked Winston into thinking he was on the opposite side of the Party, when really he was just setting a trap, Winston did not hate O'Brien. Winston does not hate O'Brien because he is Winston's friend, savior, and hope. .
             When Winston was captured by the Party, it was O'Brien that continued to be there for him. O'Brien remained a friend to Winston. Winston says this while he is being interrogated: "he [O'Brien] was the tormentor, he was the protector, he was the inquisitor, he was the friend" (Orwell 244). Even though O'Brien betrayed Winston and turned him into the Ministry of Love, Winston still considered him a friend. O'Brien told Winston that he had been watching him for years. O'Brien said this to Winston during his interrogation: " 'don't worry, Winston; you are in my keeping. For seven years I have watched over you. Now the turning point has come. I shall save you, I shall make you perfect'" (Orwell 244). O'Brien watched over him. He was by his side through all of the torture and pain brought upon Winston. Winston considered him a true friend. No matter what wrong O'Brien did to Winston, Winston did not care. O'Brien was someone that Winston felt like he could talk to easily, and that is why he never hated O'Brien for betraying him.
             O'Brien became a savior for Winston. Winston believes it was O'Brien calling all the shots during his arrest. "It was O'Brien who was directing everything. It was he who set the guards onto Winston and who prevented them from killing him" (Orwell 243).

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