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Ralph in Lord of the Flies

             In the book, Lord Of The Flies, there are children that are stranded on an island for a while because their plane crashed. However, by the time they get off, they shouldn't be considered children anymore because they have major changes in their personality and their lifestyles. This project required me to take a deeper look into the characters to see how they had changed over time. .
             While the boys were on this island they had to elect an older boy that they thought would make a good chief. Most of the children picked Ralph because he was the one with the conch. " "Let him be chief with the trumpet-thing." " (Golding p. 22) To them the conch was important because it drew them all together and it also was a symbol of authority. As time goes by Ralph seems to drift towards Jack's lifestyle but Piggy is there to keep Ralph away from the evil influences. The only reason to why Ralph didn't end up like Jack and living a savage life was because of Piggy's constant reminder to do things to help everyone live through the tough times and get off the island sooner. Piggy even tried to support Ralph after they "accidentally" kill Simon and everyone is trying to realize what had happened. Piggy tells Ralph " "It was an accident- " (Golding p. 157) to try to make sense of what they had just done to Simon and get Ralph's mind back on track. Over time the boys change in their attitudes and have trouble deciding on what to do.
             From looking at some of the characters in different perspectives I would say that there is no way that they can go back to a normal life after what they had experienced. Ralph probably had the most problems getting back into a normal life because he was the chief at first of all the boys so he is responsible for their actions.

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