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Dominate Me: Analyzing Vegas' Sexist Ad

            The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, which is famous for its casino and hotel, has recently initiated a new advertising campaign. Several print advertisements and a 30-second video spread fast and broadly on the Internet. One of these print ads shows a picture of two women sitting on two chairs on a reddish stage, wearing maid costumes and pearl eye masks with uncomfortable poses. The background is black which seems in a closed room. In the middle of the ad is the slogan, "Just The Right Amount of Wrong," whose concept is to persuade people, especially single men, to do some level of sins. By emphasizing two sexy maids with uncomfortable poses, posting reddish orange and black color combination, and using the new concept slogan, this ad attempts to appeal to rich, single white men to come to the Cosmopolitan for their vacation, suggesting that some things which are inappropriate in boring daily life are acceptable in this hotel. .
             This ad uses masculinity to attract most rich, single white men by two sexy maids who men can easily dominate them. In this print advertisement, two women are wearing maid clothes and pearl eyepatches who shows weakness and desires. Their poses suggest that they are bound and cannot see anything. Everyone who lives in their hotel could dominate these two sexy maids' lives. In other words, every customer living in this hotel will be as a master living in their own splendid houses and enjoying their comfortable and free lives in 1920s America. The famous example for that time is The Great Gatsby which talks a period when people in uppertendom lived in lifestyles that they preferred. This ad uses the classical clothe style to remind people this movie and to attract audience to come and live in that way. Although it does not show the extreme gender ideology, it implies white masculinity because these women are white. According to Jackson Katz, the creator of gender violence preventions and education program, men require something to control the circumstances around them.

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