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sex for profit

            In this paper I will talk about sex for profit. I feel that sex is something that is personal and should be enjoyed between two partners that care about each other. There are other ways of profiting from sex. For example, porno tapes, adult novelties, peep shows, so on and so on. Prostitution is the only one that I disagree with, unless of course these examples get out of control such as child pornography, snuff films and other things that take these society accepted styles of profitable sex to the extreme and beyond. Yes, people enjoy bondage and rough sex but to watch other people get raped or to exploit children as enjoyment for sick individuals is a horrible, unacceptable thing to do. .
             The three sites I chose were Las Vegas Novelties, Kittylixx.com, and Prostitution, Feminism and Critical Praxis: profession prostitute? Las Vegas Novelties is a site that sells adult sex toys and it is a pretty clean site. Kittylixx.com is another site that sells sex toys but they also venture off into the bondage which is basically rougher toys which involve receiving or inflicting pain or struggle during the act of sex. Prostitution, Feminism, and Critical Praxis: profession prostitute? appears in The Austrian Journal of Sociology and is written by Dr. Maggie O"Neill. It discusses the life of a prostitute and the choices they make. It also discusses whether or not it is an acceptable line of occupation or if it is unacceptable. As I said, I do not believe that prostitution is a proper line of work and there is nothing that a prostitute or a Doctor can say that will change my mind. If they say it is it is a way to make money and that these men and women have no other opportunities for a fixed income and I disagree there are always other options. In some societies prostitution is legal and perhaps acceptable, but in ours it is taboo. Stripping is another way of sex for profit which does not include intercourse and it should not include sex of any kind though many strip clubs do promote those things for certain high prices.

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