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Fire Inspector - Sample Inspection Letter

             I recently received your request about adding on a storage area to your building. In order to add additions to your construction, there are particular actions, steps and tasks that need to be taken. First and foremost you need to acquire the correct permits for building before you can start. The permits will allow you to start constructing and make sure that you are within the proper boundaries of the fire and life safety codes. Section 105 of the 2015 IFC, has all the information you'll need on building permits. Based on your building plans you have submitted, I have identified the permits that you will need.
             The 1st permit that will be needed to obtain is your construction permit. Section 105.1.2 of the IFC contains specific information on construction permits. This permit will allow you to actually begin the construction process. In addition to that you section 5004 of the IFC for storage on hazmat materials should be reviewed thoroughly for your chemical purposes. You will need to send over specific details about the different types of chemicals also the specific amounts that are going to be stored. These is specific information that is needed to make sure that the correct and most accurate fire systems are installed in the storage area. Also your office space in your storage area, needs to be in accordance with the Fire Safety Codes. In the IFC Section 1101 of outlines the construction requirements for existing buildings. This section vital because you are adding to your building which in turn you'll be making changes. Based on your building plans, you are in compliance with section 1103 fire safety requirements for existing buildings. I would strongly recommend adding a few more suppression and detection measures in your storage area. Regarding what you will be storing I will need to oversee and identify the types of chemicals you are plan on having, which you can find out in sections 903 and 904 of the IFC will instruct you on the types of systems that will needed.

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