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An Inspector Calls

            An inspector calls is a play written by JB Priestley.
             JB Priestley explores the links with all the characters to a very high level. He emphasises each of the characters personality to make sure that the reader understands a person so much so that they can almost feel as though they are in that same situation as the described character. For example Mr. Birling is renowned for his strong personality and his capability to get a point across as the senior relative of the family. He also makes it quite clear that he has been the Lord Mayor of the town before and that he has strong, well-known relationships with all the senior police officers. My impressions of each character in the play are as follows:.
             Mr. Birling.
             He is a very strong and politically correct person (or so he likes to think) and he likes nothing more than a good argument or debate. Even if he is not right or in the wrong he still doesn't like to admit it.
             Mrs. Birling.
             Mrs. Birling as being Mr. Birlings wife doesn't tend to say much. She just likes to agree with whatever Mr. Birling has to say and she sticks up for Sheila. Referred to as Mrs. B she takes on the role of agreeing with whatever the family decides is best. She is very much a housewife and without the roll of being Mr. B's wife I don't honestly think that she would be anywhere at all.
             Eric is a very like minded individual and he is Mr. B's little toy, Eric is supposed to be marrying Sheila, but this is probably just because of the family's well known name and he also being a factory owner likes and respects Mr. Birling a lot. Plus there is the fact of the money that is enlived within the family and this just might come in useful in the future to Eric.
             Their status in the play is one of a well-known high class and very important family. Their lives revolve around the name of "Birling" and of the money that is earned through the mills and business.

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