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Femininity in America

            In America modern society, media has huge influence when it comes to in establishing what is feminine in society, and we can found it in many popular forms of media, including TV commercials, movies, radio, magazines, newspaper, and so on. However, in this essay I will focus on how TV commercials and shows. In fact, TV commercials and shows play an important role in establishing what is feminine because it uses portrayals which can be labeled the stereotypic female role as attractive, delicate, and business person. It uses gender roles as a mean of promoting products that impacts society expectations especially females.
             TV commercials set up a significant role in American feminine lives. With more access to social media and exposure to commercials, today's youth are receiving an overwhelming amount of information. Most of these information helps women to find out what they're looking for in their lives because women tend to do what they see in TV as a role model. For example, some commercials put successful women who own a business or work as leader to encourage other ladies that more than domestic, housekeeper, and mother, they can be as successful as men. Even though, women was only seen as the person who stayed home taking care of the house, children, and their husbands, today they can be more than that. In fact, females are much influenced in what they see. As they are the ones who mostly stay home, they are apt to watch TV a lot, and when they see commercials about women who are building, managing companies, leading, or having a big responsibility in society, it inspires them to do same thing. For instance, in today's American society, we see many woman dressed as a businesswoman and leading a meeting where there is a lot of men and convincing them of what she is doing. Moreover, more than 10,000 women have they own business, and some ads reflect cultural changes from communists era, where the communist-led government made an effort to expand women roles outside the house to be economically productive.

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