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Insight of the Robinson Family

            The biggest factor in our marriage problems is my father in law, Mr. David Robinson, and to some extent Dennis her brother. Dad never worked or did anything for his wife and family. All his life he was addicted to drugs and admitted several times to rehab. After a break became alcoholic and attracted to gambling, and fighting on streets in Saddar. Lived in India for some times, committed murder and escaped, back to Pakistan. Charged and Convicted for domestic crime in Karachi. On record 3 moths prison. I feel shame writing and he has no shame that all his life he left his wife and children struggle. .
             First he was absconding for many years leaving family struggling with life alone behind. Those days my mother in law, MAA struggled with life and living with her young children's, and one sad day she met with an accident when my wife Delilah was just 19 and rushed Maa to the hospital. Today that poor lady is handicapped and lower body is paralyzed. She needs 24 hours assistance, my wife before marriage use to look after Maa very well, with all her toiletries and cleaning her every day. Not only Maa she also looked after Dad, I remember she uses to run after Dad when he use to get drunk and sleep either on roads or in Dano`s taxi. And my wife use to run around in Saddar to look for him, and bring her home. A woman of 3 brothers uses to do all those jobs which Dennis, Dano, and Derek were supposed to do. She uses to work and pay dad his pocket money, and for her mother medications and other needs. But these 3 men and father, shameless human, never bothered to be helping hand to Delilah. What I mean to explain here is, that after we got married, David was feeling that pain. He could not and didn't want to look after his wife; he could not take care and was not doing what a husband was supposed to do for his wife. He never wants to clean her, never want to take care of her medication and other needs.

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