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            Composers use texts to explore the concept of changing worlds through the use of ideas and techniques. The main ideas or themes conveyed in Orson Scott Card's "Ender's Game", "The Conciliation" and President Bush's speech regarding September 11 are technology, cultural and leadership.
             The changing world of technology is evident throughout the novel, "Ender's Game", Card develops a world where children are limited to two per family unless given government permission, "special" or "advanced" children have "monitors" placed in the back of their heads so that the government can continually watch them in order to decide wether they are "good enough" to join the army. Ender's world is a world in which people live on other planets, and humanities greatest threat is an alien force called the "buggers". Card demonstrates these new concepts to the reader through very descriptive language, such as when describing the battle rooms in which null gravity is simulated in order to prepare for real battle, " as the rope was stopped by each edge of the star in turn, his arc became tighter, his direction changed, and he became an impossible target- .
             The idea of technology is represented in "The Conciliation" through the medium used. Compared to when "The Conciliation" was painted technology changed vastly till "The National Picture", since "The National Picture" was taken by camera and was not hand painted. There are also other objects in "The National Picture" which show a change in technology between 1840 and 1985, such as the long metal rulers, the background, the esky and measuring equipment as well as the clothing worn by the people posing in the picture. These ideas are represented through the technique of contrasting and comparing "The Conciliation" and "The National Picture".
             A changing world, although mainly always changes its culture and cultural values, sometimes some or all of these values remain constant.

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