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My First Day of Middle School

            I was preparing for my first day of middle school in summer. I was walking into my first middle school in America. I had traveled a long distance from the Philippines with my big brother to unite with my mother, who had been living here for 11 years, hoping America would help my future. My step-dad decided that I would be better off going to school here, so I was signed up in the local middle school in my new town called Eugenia B. Thomas K-8 Center. I was scared how I would do in school. I did not know anyone in my classes. In addition, I did not know how to speak English. All I knew how to say was, "Hello 'what 'how are you?' bye" On the first day, I went to my second period class after I had missed my first. I was already confused because in Philippines the teachers switch according to periods while most of the students have the same periods. .
             With nervousness on one hand and fear on the other, I approached the door, opening it bit by bit. Every person's eyes were on me as I come in the classroom. Without paying attention to them, I went straight to the teacher and asked if I was in the right class, he answered, "Yes.". Then he asked me to choose where I would sit. I asked, "What", then he pointed at a chair, then I said, "Ok". I chose the seat close by the door instead of the corner where all of the boys were sitting. I didn't actually want to pick a seat. In Philippines the teacher sits us in order, so I never needed to worry about that. I spent the remaining of the class taking notes from the picture created by the projector. In Philippine schools, we did not use the technology we had. We had to take notes as the teacher spoke.
             In view of the fact that it was my first day, I was baffled which hallway to use, but I managed to get to my classes without asking anyone. I was very puzzled about when I would have lunch. I went to my next period and the bell rang as I came in.

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