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Children and the Impact of Divorce

            A family of four, husband, wife and two sons, were what you would describe as the perfect family. The husband who was a fireman, the wife was a nurse, and two sons, five and eight who are actively involved in everything from after school activities to weekend baseball games. Family trips at least once a month, cookouts, movie night, and whatever else you would think that a family would do to spend time together. Wherever you would see this family it was always a happy moment; smiles, laughter, jokes, nothing less of a happy occasion. As time went on the husband got a promotion at his job and so did his wife. The boys were growing up. The husband's father died and he was left a lump sum of money and life was starting to happen. Things began to change. All those happy times did not seem so happy anymore. The family became distant. Now when you would see them, it was either the boys and their mom or the boys and their dad. Some even said the parents would spend time arguing throughout the night and sometimes in front of the children.
             ‚ÄčA year or so went on and things took a turn for the worst. The children started to notice the change in their family. The mom moved out and the dad was never really at home. The children who used to enjoy those family outings every month started to question what was going on. At six and nine, could you imagine what thoughts went through their heads? Seeing their happy and close family fall apart slowly before their eyes and they do not even know why. For this family, life was continuing and change was steady. The mom got a new job at the prison and was doing so well that she got a job opportunity in Texas. After a trip to Texas, she got the job and the big question now was to move or not to move. Noticing that your boys are at a point in their lives when they notice thing are changing and they need their mom now more than ever, do you pack up and leave for a better future and a fresh start or do you stay where you really do not want to be.

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