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An Experience and a Valuable Lesson

            There's no greater teacher than experience. The story of this one experience taught me a valuable lesson that there are still some trustworthy people in this world. Trust has never been an easy thing for me. Throughout my younger years in school, often times, I was bullied. I remember one time, as I was walking between buildings to get to my class, two of my classmates, Jerry Crustner and Cody Duffy, cornered me. One stood in front of me and the other stood behind, leaving me with nowhere to go. Cody, who was in front, knocked my books out of my hands. When I bent over to pick them up Jerry Crustner, which was behind, kicked me between the legs as hard as he could. I fell to my knees in pain with a sick feeling in my stomach. Eventually, I managed to pick myself up and make it to class. So, from that point on, it became harder to trust people. I begin to develop a perception that people wanted to do me harm. Even experiences with family and past girlfriends added to the wall of distrust I had built against non-trustworthy people. Good or bad, they shaped me. I really wanted to trust people, but it seemed that all the bad experiences outweighed the good ones. I started college and the trust issue seemed to follow me. Little did I know, I was about to get the greatest life lesson ever.
             Late one evening, while at a college I was attending, I get to the spot where my fiancé and I would frequently meet to see one another before we go into the dormitory for the night. This time though, she was unusually late. I didn't really think it was a big deal at the time, I just thought maybe she got tied up doing something and forgot. My cell phone rings. It was her. I could tell in her voice that something was wrong. She said "my mom just called and told me that someone found my purse, but I've got my purse right here." I asked "well, do you think they were talking about your wallet?" I could hear her rummaging around through her purse and of course her wallet was not in there.

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