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Spiders - The Cold, Hard Facts

            Myths, symbols and cultures are attached with a term spider. The words serenity, persistence, mischief, revulsion, fear, disgust, indebtedness, and curiosity are associated with arachnids. Spiders influence all sort of art e.g., Literature, Music and Movies etc. The associations with spider are from creation of this world. Spiders are also entitled first spinner on this globe. Spider establishes its place in every discipline no matter it is live science or social science. Spiders are the octadactyle creatures which possess organs to spin silk and belong to the largest group of Arachnid family with the ability to bite with Venom-injected fangs. Normally the spiders are poisonous and dangerous with a maximum life span of 20 years but most of them are harmless for human beings as they only attack when they feel endangered. There are 4,24,273 species of spider and their evolution backs to 400 million years from crab-like Chelicerates. Mostly spiders are solitary animal but some of their species depict community behavior by building large communal cobwebs. The spiders are classified according to the sort of web which can be stronger and tougher than steel e.g. nursery-web spiders, orb-web spiders etc. There are various myths regarding spiders. Some are as follows:.
             - After biting spiders lay eggs in human skin.
             - Spiders live in our beds.
             - Humans swallow spiders in sleep.
             - All spiders are harmful and poisonous.
             - Spiders enter in bathrooms through sinks or shower drains.
             - Tarantulas are extremely dangerous to humans.
             All species of spiders are predators except the only herbivore specie reported in 2008. Spiders lack maw but they possess Venom which they inject into prey, suck flesh and use it as a food after detoriating it. By piercing they make their prey inert and then emit their enzymes onto prey. The largest immobile spider ever found was more than 8 feet long and weighed almost 530 pounds because its legs had been broken long ago by carrying its own weight.

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