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Pornography and Intimate Relationships

            Online pornography is a filthy addiction that can potentially ruin a marriage or any intimate relationship. People do not understand how much damage they can do to their relationship by looking at porn. The online world of pornography is full of deceit and secrets. If your spouse is secretly going on to these explicit adult websites and the other one finds out, it can do a lot of damage to trust. These adult websites can cause not only emotional issues, but psychological damage as well. These issues may not have been there before. Since men are more prone to watch porn, its usually the female that starts to have self esteem, jealousy, and trust issues. Watching pornography may bring up other issues; such as infidelity. In fact, it is correlated to it. Trust is a huge part of any marriage/relationship, and without it you really have nothing. It is becoming more common nowaday for men and women to watch porn on their mobile devices/tablets. Its easier for porn addicts to download these sites on to their mobile phones without getting caught. .
             Another problem with this addiction is that people are going into debt over these adult websites. Statistics show that internet pornography sites bring in $4.9 billion every year, but a lot of people now a day are turning to free adult websites (Gerdes). I know what online pornography can do to an intimate relationship. My step-father was addicted to watching online pornography. He would sneak off downstairs to his business and watch it. My mom found out what he was doing, and she was very upset about it. She had been wondering why they were no longer romantically active. My step-father had tried to deny it several times, as addicts will do. She has since lost trust and respect for him. Things have not been the same between them. She has major trust issues now, especially when he goes to work. To this day she accuses him of having an affair with the other woman that works one day a week with him.

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