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The Benefits of Solar Roadways

            "Solar roadways are a step into the twenty- first century" (Brusaw). Solar roadways started out as idea from inventor Scott Bursaw and has evolved into a huge project on the verge of getting started. The roadways have the potential of paying for itself and providing three times the amount of energy that is being currently used throughout the entire country. It would create more jobs and countless more positive outcomes. The solar roadways have many supporters and investors that are willing to see this project out till the end. This is one invention that could help stop the use of fossil fuels and pollution in the country. The best part about solar roadways is that you aren't having all of these solar panels in a field taking up space you are making them work for the world and getting energy out to feed the country.
             Inventor Scott Brusaw came up with the idea of solar roadway when he was a child, having the idea of an electric road. It wasn't until his wife mentioned using solar panels for the road he thought of solar roadways. Both Scott and Julie have thought carefully and worked very hard towards the idea of making the roads work for the country rather than just sitting in the sun absorbing heat. The invention of the solar roadways have been calculated to have the ability to produce three times the amount of energy used in the entire country. The amount energy that could be collected by installing the solar roads would easily pay for the technology on the roads. .
             Using the solar panels on the roads and having it in a way pay for itself we could redirect the tax payer's dollars to more important funds/causes. Not only would the solar roadways have the ability to pay for itself but it would create more jobs to help stimulate the economy and after the installment continue to have people maintenance and replace panels when needed. Since the solar panels are also pressure sensitive the panels will be programed to warn oncoming drivers of the possible complications up ahead.

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