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Reasons Why People Lie

            Have you ever told a lie that you might've regretted? Or what is that one lie you have ever regretted telling? Can anybody say throughout their whole life they have never told a lie? Think to yourself. Do you know anyone who is completely truthful? In most situations, telling a lie seem like the truth. Lying is a common behavior and is part of human nature. There are a lot of reasons why individuals might lie. Lying has become so common in the world that people have found different types of reasons to lie such as to keep themselves out of trouble, to not disappoint others, and to gain personal favors.
             One reason why individuals lie is to keep themselves out of trouble. In certain situations people tend to cover the truth so that they do not get in trouble. Many teens would lie to their parents about why they came home late. For example, a teen went to a basketball or football game but had to be home at a certain time but came home late. The teen would lie about why they decide to come home an hour late and find a reason why they came home late such as the car broke down, the game with into overtime, or had to take a friend home, etc. People would also lie about taking something that was not theirs. For instance, someone's personal belongings has gone missing and a guy was in the room where the person's belongings was at but denies about taking it but actually took it. People are scared about the punishments and suffering from the consequences. For example, Officer Brian Encinia lied about the arrest of Sandra Bland, about using force, charging her for assaulting an officer, and about driving without using turning signal lights. Also people, mostly kids, lie about breaking things that does not belong to them. To illustrate, picture an important vase that belongs to an ancestor was broken because of horse playing and mostly kids lie to say it had fell on its own because they are scared about the punishment and consequences.

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