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             Once people learn how to lie successfully, they tend not to forget it because of the many benefits it brings. It is an art that progresses slowly from childhood into the adult years. People lie to themselves and others for various reasons; some lie to make their story more compelling, a few lie to get them out of trouble, and others, such as lawyers, lie because they are accustomed to it. Even though people regard lying as a terrible thing, it is not. Lying does have its advantages. .
             For instance, our country is in a time of crisis right now, and our government is obligated to do everything possible to help us survive it. The people of the United States want the guilty party of the September 11th episode found and rightfully punished. If the government lies to the public on the way they are conducting the search and gathering their information in order to seize the people responsible for the unpleasant incident, it is perfectly fine with me. For example, if U.S. officials are forced to partner with criminals so as to bring justice to the terrorists, so be it. The government will probably keep that a secret and cover it up. But as long as they get the job done, the public will be pleased. A famous proverb states it flawlessly;what you don't know can't hurt you.?.
             Additionally, when my current girlfriend and I first started going out, I was 17 years old, and she was told me she was 16. After a couple of dates we started to be fond of each other. One night while we were driving, out of plain curiosity, I asked her when she was born. She told me the date, and started smiling nervously. I wasn't sure why, but then once I thought about her answer I realized she was 15 at the present time, a couple of months shy from 16. She was a little inaccurate about her age because she doubted I would go out with her if I knew exactly how old she really was, and she might have been right. On the other hand, it hurt my feelings knowing she lied to me.

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