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            Is lying a good thing or a bad thing? I think that it all depends on the situation, so at times it could be a good thing that could help you or someone else get out of a tight spot or it could save some person some grief. It could also be a bad thing that could your relationship with someone or make someone not trust you anymore.
             Say that your friend had a really big project due and it was the last day to hand it in but your friend didn't get a chance to finish it. When you get into class your teacher asks you where your friend is because they still haven't handed their project in, what would you do? Would you either make up some kind of lie to save your friend from getting a bad mark in that class or would you tell the truth and let your friend "face the music.".
             I think that I would help my friend out.
             This is an acceptable lie but a lie that I think would be unacceptable would be a lie used to save yourself from something bad that you did. For an example, say that you cheated on a test and the teacher found your cheat notes later. The next day she asks the class whose they are, and you say that they are not yours. So because of this the teacher punished the whole class just because you lied.
             These are my views on lying.

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