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             When a person resorts to lying to others they are only lying to themselves. A person that is dishonest once will usually lie again and again and many professions have developed reputations as having a great majority of liars in their field, which has led to issues of public trust, even with those that are truthful and honest. So why do people choose to tell lies? A lie usually starts out as innocent in nature but must be covered with a larger more complex lie and than another and soon the lies build up to a point that the person no longer knows the difference between what is true and what is a lie. Telling lies always leads to deceit; lack of trust, losing respect and in many cases the loss of a career. We live in a world ruled by lies. Lying and stealing are the dominant elements of human character whatever the race or creed. Whoever says that this is not true simply tells another lie. It is important to be honest and teach honesty and integrity to others.
             Lying is a like a chain and once the lying begins it is hard to break. Lies will stick with you for the rest of your life and will only multiply, as you will continually have to make up one lie to cover up all the others. People say that by lying, life seems easier, they feel more important and it protects the people that they love; how can this be true? Many people choose to lie to their children or lie to others in front of their children and then do not understand why their children will turn around and tell lies of their own. A parent should be a leader for their child and lead by example. Once when I was teenager still living with my parents I decided to spend the entire evening with my friends drinking cheap beer that we were able to purchase. When my friends dropped me off at my home I was unable to get the locked door open with my key due to my intoxication. After making quite a racket trying to get the door open at such a later hour, my mom came to the front door and opened it for me.

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