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             The way in which two people or groups behave toward each other: -(a) There is no reference to honesty, though it is generalized that honesty is a key to a lasting relationship. Our own personal experiences bring varying opinions of the notion that lying is essential to a lasting relationship. Through time society has accepted lying, generally, to protect a person's feelings. There is a large contradiction to both ends; maintaining a relationship may require some evasion of the truth, though not needed to maintain one.
             Is there such a thing as a white lie, wouldn't a white lie be only the being of a more elaborate lie or leading on to dishonesty? In everyday situations people are knowingly lying, why because people need these lies to maintain stability with each other, such was found in a study of 103 subjects that 9.9 percent of the time the subjects lied to guide social interaction. In that same study it was found that 9.6 percent of the people also lied about subjects that would be affecting interpersonal relationships;(b) such could be lies about a nice hair cut, physical appearance, or subordination. Many situations have a arisen in which I have found myself fabricating a white lie. While residing in my parents home, lying about my whereabouts was rampant. These lies were not to because I was doing ill, though I lied to prevent any knowledge of activities they would not agree with. I lied not because my parents did not trust me,but in turn because I needed to maintain the trust between us.
             The article "The Lies That Bind," composed by P. Thaler, is Thaler's justification of why there is a necessity to lie in a relationship. Thaler states ". a lie gives us the chance to be introspective about love (relationships) in a way that truth can't."(c), this idea that we question our feelings is contradictory to the ideal of a relationship being honest. Could relationships also be built on lies? "Love, .

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