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            I chose this article because of its bearing on my topic. I will use the article to show what a lie can do to many people. This article tells about a lie that an editor from a newspaper said on the topic of George Harrison and his false accusation of illness. When George Harrison was accused of being sick after his attack by a crazed psychopathic killer, a newspaper editor soon resigned. George Harrison, of the Beatles was the subject of an amazing way to sell newspapers. The newspaper was the Sunday Mail. The Sunday Mail is a newspaper out of England, kind of a mix between the New York Times and the National Enquirer. This paper was a very influential newspaper in the 1950s and 60s. I feel that this article would greatly benefit my paper. .
             Singles Say Yes and Mean No.
             By Richard Sides.
             I chose to use this article because of the information that is in it on the way a person can say one thing and mean another. This is kind of a weird topic that I wanted to go into on my paper because I would like to know if this is really lying or not. This article says that it is a lie and that if you are going to lie, don't lie to yourself. This article tells about the signals of lying and how they can give a liar away before he or she even says a word. The paper that I will write will tell how the signals of lying can do this. The art of lying will be a large part of this paper. In fact, that will be my title. I want to tell the reader of how you can read a liar and how a liar can get away with lying. I do not feel that it is a morally correct thing to do, but there are times that may warrant it. This paper will try to clarify when it is justifiable to lie. This article goes in depth on this topic.
             Lying to Lovers.
             By Richard Sides.
             This article from the internet will be a large part of my paper. This article is about the truth in relationships, and how it should be relayed.

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