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Losing Faith Due to Sin

            Sin is inevitable, and has been ever since God created mankind on this earth. Nathaniel Hawthorne wrote, "Young Goodman Brown" to reflect on his ancestors. Hawthorne is an author who will allow a reader to mess with the details of his stories to try and decipher the outcome of the story or just specific details. This style of writing allows the readers to have their own thematic interpretation, which leaves different understandings of his written pieces. Goodman Brown losing his faith was caused by the presence of sin in his life and this is supported by the characterization and events that occur in the story.
             Hawthorne writes about how Goodman Brown loses his innocence, as well as his faith in God, due to the sin in his life. Goodman Brown despises his local community. Symbolism is a big component in this story and is used in many different places. One place in the story where symbolism is very prevalent is Goodman Brown's wife, Faith. She represents faith in God in this story as well as Goodman Brown's faith in the people around him. Goodman Brown's ability to avoid sin declines as he finishes his journey through the woods to the meeting, which was very mysterious. Foreshadowing in the story, predicts the importance of Goodman Brown's journey in the woods, and the transformation he goes through as a person. Throughout the story, Goodman brown has a persistent problem with not listening to his wife and wanting to leave her behind on his journey. When Brown reaches the forest he meets a person with a serpent-like staff; which begins the decline of him losing his faith. The figurative language shown throughout this story supports the loss of faith of Goodman Brown.
             In order for an author to develop a good story, there must be good quality of characterization. This is what allows the readers to develop vivid thoughts about the characters taking part in the story. Going on a journey through the woods is what ultimately changes Brown's life, and gives him a new perspective of the people he associates with and trusts.

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