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A Graduation to Remember

             That time and the moment when the world stands still and you're stuck. Everyone around you, your heart, your breathing; everything just stops. You realize that all your years of tests fails, passes, honor rolls, parent/teacher conferences, etc. have paid off for this one moment. Your parents have been pushing you all this time for this one special moment that will move you on to greater and better things in your life. .
             That's right. I'm talking about graduation. My parents were extremely big on school and still are. I know they only want the best for me, but I never saw the big deal in graduating high school until I experienced it. I saw how some students ended up dropping out, getting expelled; for the girls, some getting pregnant, and for the boys as well as the girls ending up in jail. All before becoming an actual adult! Then I saw the ones that were graduating, just like I did and I must say it is a great feeling.
             I grew up wanting to be a veterinarian until I was about sixteen or seventeen and decided I wanted to do bigger things like becoming a police officer. Of course, my dad always said, "You can be whatever you want to be. But you can't do anything without a high school diploma. Unless you want to do fast food all your life." It was very annoying hearing it at times because I couldn't even get my whole sentence out without him interrupting me and saying something along those words, but I'm happy I have my parents for support. .
             The moment was so tense. I couldn't believe that I was actually about to graduate! I was, even more, nervous at the fact that I had on six-inch heels and had to walk in front of hundreds of people when my name was called. I couldn't believe that I was finally graduating. Sitting there while everyone spoke, I couldn't help but get a little emotional. Thinking about all my years of school and how long and rough the journey has been, I couldn't help but be excited and proud of myself.

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