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Immigration and Divided Families

            The saddest thing that can ever happen to any family is being separated from one another. My question is what are we people doing to stop this? How is the government helping all those kids who are citizens but their families aren't? Thousands of young children are being taken away from their family due to them being deported and having to return to their home town. Many families' cross borders in hope of a better future, a better opportunity for them but especially their kids. They are out looking for their children to have a better education so that one day they can be successful and wouldn't have to go through the same situation they did as growing up. Living in a place where there is hunger and slack of job opportunities leads good people into bad paths. They end up having to be in the situation where stealing is the only option in surviving. The only way for them to provide food to their families. .
             Education is also one of the biggest impact. Most schools in their hometowns have to pay tuitions in order for their kids to attend school each year or even each semester. These cost are not cheap what so ever. This situation leaves the parents with the only option of not being able to register their children in school. Every second of education counts. .
             In many cases that are now known the most is the violence in their hometown. Violence is the number one reason why families are urging to get out of their town. Many see United States as a save country, the country that has the most protection. They think that by coming they will finally be save. Try to keep their families save from the corrupt government, from the innocent people being killed. .
             Why not help those people? People who have no intentions in making any harm, people who just want to be successful. Instead the government is more focus in finding a way to send all immigrants back to their country. Are those people taking the time to think what the consequences will be? More than a million of the United States population is from hispanics.

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