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Males, Females and Co-Education

            There is a long-standing debate on whether males and females should be studying at same gender or co-educational schools. As assured in every debatable matter, there are two different points of view regarding this issue. While it is known that students in co-ed schools are faster to adapt in new environments and to cooperate in society, same-gender schools have a higher advantage on students than co-education. Since it is noticeable that students' personalities in same gender schools are much more stable and confident than students in co-ed, which is a result of the imperative absence of the opposite gender. Also, students in same gender schools are mainly focused on academics rather than getting the other gender's attention or other distractions. Also, co-ed students face some serious struggles like having an unequal treatment between genders, which will not occur in single gender schools. .
             People who support the co-educational system say that students who are receiving their education with the other gender are faster to adopt in society. Since students are communicating with both genders for a long amount of time, it is almost natural for them to blend in new environments, whether its projects or while working after they are done with their education. People who are not used to communicating with both genders can possibly find it harder to adjust in new situations and understand the other gender in the future where both genders are supposed to be working along side each other. Furthermore, the mutual understanding prepares both genders to perform positively and comfortably with the opposite gender. Also, besides work, this theory is also applies to several situations like relationships between cousins, siblings and even their future partner. Therefore, it is important for genders to learn how to communicate with each other which will definitely help in future situations. Additionally, classifying classes by genders during the students' early learning years can make the transition to higher education harder on them.

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