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The Pros and Cons of Censorship

            The debate over the pros and cons of censorship in our society have been ongoing. There are arguments on both sides that have caused the line between censorship and free speech to become blurred. The chapter of text titled 'Censorship: From Moral Issues that Divide Us and Applied Ethics' can be interpreted in two different ways, as being pro-censorship as well as against censorship. Throughout the chapter of the text, many examples of evidence were shown to support both free expression and how censorship can be beneficial in our society. The book also outlines the legal limitations of free speech in today's government and guidelines to determine whether or not something should be censored. .
             One way the text can be interpreted is supporting censorship in society. Some can see the benefits of certain types of restrictions. One of the main reasons that people support censorship is because they believe that censorship is necessary to protect children, who are seen as the young minds of society. An example of how the text is an advocate for censorship is the mention of Plato, who believed in censorship of ideas imposed on the youth (otherwise known as brainwashing). Another argument in the text that justifies censorship is that children will become morally corrupted if what they can see and view is not controlled. For example, with the increasing accessibility of items on the internet, many parents are worried about what their children will be able to see. In this situation, many parents feel that it is their right to decide what is right for their children to see until they are old enough to decide on their own. Censorship in regards to children is also still prevalent in books, such as in school libraries for instance.
             Aside from protecting children, the text also addresses censorship as necessary in cases to protect national security. Additionally, the author outlines specific examples that he believes censorship has to be used.

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