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Jasper Jones Podcast

            First of all I'd like to thank the Centre of Bradiology for inviting me to speak about the amazing novel Jasper Jones. Jasper Jones sets a very realistic novel, for the time period, where certain characters are faced with obstacles that change the way they view the world. Charlie a 13-year-old boy experiences many new things during the book and all of which change him one way or another. To come of age, Charlie in his unique situation depends on his relationships with others in order to achieve maturity. Craig Silvey once said the following statement about coming of age, "It's gaining an adult point of view of self-assurance. It's when you start to look beyond yourself and learn tenets of empathy. You appreciate another perspective and arrive at some sort of objective truth. It's all about walking a mile in.".
             Throughout chapter eight we see Silvey present the departure of Charlie's mother as a beneficial experience for both Charlie and his father. As Charlie grows he realises the affairs of his mother and chooses not to support her. "She left that night. She packed her things and drove out." The use of truncated sentences in "She left that night" demonstrates the finality in Ruth's actions. Charlie's statements here appear to be devoid of any emotion, suggesting he is not devastated by his mother absence. Charlie goes on to say that his mothers going did not surprise his father, "He knew all her little secrets, all the little holes she had dug for herself." Charlie's description of Ruth's other life as "little secrets" and "little holes" can be interpretated as quite ironic, as Ruth's actions were really quite significant. .
             Silvey's characters Charlie and Wes find that Ruth's parting strengthens their relationship. Charlie's pain shown earlier in the novel dissipates and he finds anger is replaced by pride. "It is so smart and sad and beautiful that I'm not even jealous" The use of accumulation explores the range of emotions Charlie experiences some that are perhaps stronger now that Ruth is not here.

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