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Advancements in Vehicle Technology: Saving Lives or Taking Them?

            Today's vehicles have advanced a great deal and have brought many discussions. The new technology brings more safety, but may also present a higher risk. The true effects of these "advancements" are starting to be shown rapidly and are leaving some consumers confused. .
             Vehicles are being equipped with technology such as rear view cameras, radar collision sensors, automatic high-beam control, hands-free options, and even parental controls. Automatic high-beam control has been proven very useful in that it senses oncoming traffic and dims the vehicle's high beam headlights. This allows the oncoming driver to retain his vision and potentially prevents a collision caused by blindness. Parental control has also done very well so far. Parents now have the ability to set a child's top speed, restrict driving without a seat belt and are even allowed to track a vehicle at any given time through GPS. This also helps to prevent the risk of collision. .
             These new advances sound wonderful, although there are also flaws. New options such as start/stop buttons, in car wifi, numerous warning signals, and even sensors present problems as well. Drivers relying solely on cameras and sensors are paying less attention to what is going on around them and are far more at risk of getting into an accident. Just the same as a mirror telling you that objects are closer than they seem, cameras and sensors are the same way, and this isn't even considering the malfunctions that may come of them. Ignition push buttons also present a huge risk to drivers and also pedestrians. Only having to press the brake clicking a button to start the vehicle is much more convenient, but has also killed. Without the habit of having to take the key physically out, drivers are prone to forgetting to click the button off. If the vehicle is kept in a garage, the garage then fills with exhaust and can even leak into the home. This can cause poisoning and or death.

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