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The Future of Saving Our Planet

            With the increase of anxiety towards the idea of global warming, there has been a boom in hybrid cars, as well as a lot of money spent on researching the issue. Even with all the money put into researching the issue of global warming, there are articles that claim global warming is an actual growing problem, and uses statistics along with examples to provide credibility ushering the audience to believe what they say or write is proven, and therefore is a fact not an opinion open to interpretation. In addition, there are article that claim global warming is completely false using only current stats and not stats that date back a far time. This issue prompted me to research ways to reduce global warming. After doing research I no longer supported the theory of global warming, but I thought clean renewable energy is something that should be greatly expanded. If properly collected the natural energy produced by the sun or wind can power the entire earth with just a very small percentage of the energy that it produces. This paper will persuade you! No convince you that clean renewable energy research should be expanded upon! If research in clean renewable energy is stretched it will provide cheap almost free energy, not exhaust natural resources, and make us more independent of others or foreign oil from any direct or indirect use of clean renewable energy.
             The price of gas is skyrocketing and only getting higher, because it is essential to human survival. Gas stations can in a sense charge any amount they want for gas, and people would pay it. Without gas or oil everyone's normal life would be flipped upside down causing mass hysteria, and not allowing daily, normal, life, routines to continue. My first major point that expanding research in clean renewable energy more specifically photovoltaic systems known as solar panels, will provide cheap energy. This can be seen in the scholarly article titled Photovoltaic Systems, which says "if properly collected and converted the amount of energy produced in a days worth of sunlight could power the entire United States for 2 years.

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