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Self Esteem in the Media

            Mirror Mirror on the wall who's the fairest of them all? This is a question most men and women ask themselves everyday, especially on the media.Picture yourself watching the media and/or the TV they would usually show a slender woman model or a well built athlete. As they become your body goals or your role models, you can't help but wonder why can't you look like them or why you have to look the way that people don't praise you because of you figure? This the beginning of low esteem and the obsession to body image. Nowadays people are so obsessed with their body that they don't even the danger they but them self in and the type of influence they have on younger generations.Statistics and other researches found that low esteem usually leads to brain damage and other diseases that can be avoided if society would just appreciate themselves. Society creates this crucial and very descriptive picture of what a person should look like in this not so perfect world. .
             Body image is the subjective picture or mental image of one's own body. Body Image have a bigger impact on women than men because women are most likely to pay attention to the media; read magazine, listen to body weight ads, watch the red carpet, or just watch TV to its entirely. Most women start having low self esteem when they see someone who they wish they were or look up to.Another start is at the beginning of adolescents and/or puberty because their hormones are at a high.
             Body Image on Woman.
             In the beginning or mostly renaissance most big woman were considered beautiful or just plainly women were considered the most beautiful creations.Over the periods of history of acceptable body types have changed tremendously. As media came around through the periods, curves or extra curves seemed less attractive and more skinnier women were attractive. Statistics show that about 80% of women say watching woman make them feel bad about themselves .

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