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            We are surrounded by a world filled with media that makes us believe in certain values and lifestyles. Throughout movies, commercials, TV shows, and Internet, we are led to believe what a "perfect" body or lifestyle must be. In fact, those are negative images of reckless lifestyle and unattainable beauty. It is somehow like brainwashing that we must to pursue a "certain" body or lifestyle, or we are "imperfect". I do believe the media is damaging to self-esteem. .
             Image of only thin supermodels creates a need to be thin, sometimes at all cost. Pictures in magazines, movies, or fashion shows of the "perfect" body shape make women feel that they are not thin enough, tall enough, and of course, not attractive enough. Eating healthy food and daily exercises can not always help us achieve what is expected to be achieved. Fat is not a thing people should feel guilty about. The world is a diversity in which all kinds of people with different body shapes exist. Self-satisfaction is important and it can lead to self-esteem. However, when women are depressed simply because they are out of standard, usually an extreme solution will be taken. For example, reports of anorexia and other eating disorders are on the increase, with 6000 new cases in the UK every year. Weight lost is followed by the lost of health. Moreover, a "psychological" disease is indeed more horrifying than a physical disease. While self-esteem is lowered, one can lose his self-confidence which is sufficient for one's soul. We must be proud of being what we really are, and a certain, stereotypical body type, whether it is fat or thin, should not be praised. What is under the appearance is more important. The Bible also says outward beauty fades anyway. .
             The media conveys the idea that the more expensive an object costs, the better it is. This idea can apply to most of the things, including clothes, cars, houses, and even education. In Hollywood, name-brand clothes are highly praised, and if an actor is not wearing clothes from a world-famous designer, he/she is out of fashion and thus, ugly.

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