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Terrorism and the Paris Attack of 2015

            Terrorism is a historical as well as a presently growing issue, and it has been increasing in the past years. A terrorist has many different tactics that they can use such as, bombing, hijacking, arson, assault, kidnapping and hostage taking (White, 2014, p.110) in which their goal is to achieve a current purpose towards their target. The fear and terror it brings to individual's safety and security in the city when terrorist groups attack innocent lives. There have been multiple attacks, many as of tragedies, such as the attack on New York City. The most recent major attack was in Paris on November 13, 2015, where restaurants, stadiums, and a concert were attacked, and many lost their lives or were injured with minor or serious conditions. However, it was stated by ISIL that they were creating the attacks in Paris, which left a big impact on the people of Paris and people around the world. Terrorism sees an increasing trend, where terrorist attacks are increasing in number and size. ISIL is a terrorist group that uses the technique of fear to obtain its objectives. There are multiple issues surrounding the Paris attack. Therefore, this paper will focus on ISIL, what happened in the attack and how the attack has affected Paris and the West. .
             According to Fraser & Henderson, on November 14, 2015, "Paris awoke to a day of fear, mourning and anger, after a night, which the city witnessed its worst attack since the second world war" (2015). The city was attacked by several groups of terrorists who called themselves "heroic Jihadists" (Parfitt, 2015). Paris was under the attack less than 24 hours after the news that drone strike in Syria was thought to have killed British Terrorist Jihadi John (Fraser & Henderson, 2015). Jihadi John was the English speaking voice of the ISIS terror group, where he was believed to feature in multiple hostage videos all around the world and participated in beheadings (Ford & Almasy, 2016).

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