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The Ables vs. the Binges

            In this article John Verdant expose and compare the behaviors patrons of two different families and the way that they approach the market world as consumers. Verdant talks about the Ables family and the Binges family, and how their various ways to consume, save and spend money, set them apart one from another. Verdant explain that these two families have the same income, they live in the same neighborhood, and they have a similar housing situation. The Ables is a family that spends carefully, they make sure of what they need before they buy, they also do research of what they are going to buy, looking for alternatives ways to get it, to save money. Their spends behaviors make them safe money in every little economic action, like for example they prefer to pay with cash or check saving the 1.5% to 4% percentage fee that they may spend if they pay with the credit card. Other customs of the Ables like buy in the local manufacturers, and food growers (farms and ranches) rather than malls or huge corporate stores help keep the money in the local and national economy.
             This family supports their local community, they make good relationships with people, they keep things simple and do not buy everything that advertising sell, their concerns are being healthy, eat well good quality food, have a nice rest, spend on themselves, safe money for the education of their children and hold the spends without degrading their lifestyle. John also talks about the Binges family wish the opposite of the Ables family. The Binges family spends a lot of time watching TV. Therefore, they become in an easy target for advertising which creates in them a compulsive consumer behavior. They buy everything new in big malls, they spend a lot of junk food and eating outside, they have an expensive car that uses a lot of gas, and that drive them deeper into debt. They produce a lot of waste, they do not bother in recycling, they do not care about quality so offense they buy junk products that end in their overflowing garbage cans.

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