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The Tragedy of Othello

            The Tragedy of Othello, The Moor of Venice (or just Othello for short) was a tragedy play written by William Shakespeare. Othello was first published in 1565; The play starts out in Venice, Italy, which features the first two character, Largo, and Rodrigo. Lago and Rodrigo are having a conversation Lago expresses his anger at Othello who is the general of the Venetian army and had just chosen a man named Cassio to be his lieutenant instead of himself Lago and Rodrigo decide to get back at Othello by telling Barbantio the father of Othello's new wife that his daughter Desdemona is married to Othello knowing that this would anger him because Othello is a moor. After Largo and Rodrigo tell Brabantio about the marriage, he immediately rushes to Desdemona's room to discover that she was missing and because Othello is a moor he assumed that Othello must have tricked Desdemona into marrying him and plans to kill him. The next day Lago is with .
             Othello and they are talking about Othello's new wife, Desdemona. Lago tells Othello that that Brabantino, who is an influential senator and will try to split them up but Othello assures Lago that he is not worried because he is a legendary military general plus he loves Desdemona, and that should be enough credentials. The conversation gets interrupted by Cassio, who tells Othello that the Duke of Venice needs to see him right away but before they can leave Brabantino shows up with Rodrigo ready to kill Othello, but they all end up going to see the Duke instead. Once they get to the Duke, Brabantino complains about Othello and Desdemona's marriage. Othello speaks in his defense saying that Desdemona one hundred percent agreed to marry him that there were no tricks involved and that the are both very much in love. Desdemona soon arrives to confirm that what Othello said was true. After hearing this the Duke tells Brabantino to get over it and send Othello to fight the battle in Cyprus Desdemona, Lago, Lago's Emilia, Cassio, Later, and Rodrigo decides to go aLater on, Lago and Rodrigo meet up, and Rodrigo confesses his love for Othello's wife, Desdemona.

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