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Financial Report - Pharmaceuticals

             Our sector in which we conducted our report is "Pharmaceuticals". This sector comprises of many companies whose contributions are related to chemicals. Those chemicals which is beneficial for human health like medicines. Pharmaceutical companies always there to help the Medical Institutes, Universities and Hospitals by providing them the best quality medicines so that the nation will rise and be healthy. The following companies which contributes their effort in Pakistan are ABOT Abbott Lab., FEROZ Ferozsons (Lab), GLAXO (GlaxoSmithKline), HINOON (High noon) Lab., IBLHL IBL HealthCare, OTSU (Otsuka Pak), SAPL (Sanofi-Aventis), SEARL (The Searle Comp) and WYETH.
             About Abbott.
             More than 120 years ago, 30-year-old Dr. Wallace C. Abbott, a practicing physician and pharmacy proprietor, founded the company that bears his name. Using the active part of a medicinal plant, known as the "alkaloid," he formed tiny pills, called "dosimetry granules," which provided more accurate and effective dosing for his patients than other treatments available at the time. The demand for these accurate granules soon far exceeded the needs of his own practice and, from these modest origins Abbott was born. They are diverse, leading global healthcare company with scientific expertise and products that address the full range of health care needs- from disease prevention and diagnostics to treatment and cure. Abbott is devoted to providing efficacious and cost effective medicines having a positive safety profile, new technologies and innovative ways to manage health.
             About Baxter.
             Baxter International was founded in 1931 by Donald Baxter, a medical doctor, as a manufacturer and distributor of intravenous therapy solutions. Baxter's interest was bought out in 1935 by Ralph Falk, who established a research and development function. In 1939 the company developed a vacuum-type collection container, extending the shelf life of blood from hours to weeks.

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