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Speech on the Gerard Baden-Clay Murder Trial

             Today, I want to discuss with you the Gerard Baden-Clay murder trial and how it has revealed a great injustice within the Australian legal system. On the april 20th, 2012 Allison Baden-Clay was reported missing by Queensland Federal police, after her husband, gerard contacted police. 10 days after her disappearance a body so badly decomposed was found in a creek by two kayakers just several kilometers from the baden-clay home. After countless hours of interviews and overwhelming evidence, the Queensland Federal police charged gerard with murder of his wife Allison. Five weeks, hundreds and thousands of taxpayers money later, the jury came to a verdict that Gerard did infact murder his wife, after that decision was made he then asked for the decision to be looked over. However there was not another trial this time, instead the judge ruled that Gerard was guilty of manslaughter. Manslaughter is a five year sentence, two years of which he has already served. So is the australian legal system is trying to tell all of us that if you murder your wife you will only serve 5 years of your life. The question now simply becomes What does this case tell the world about how Australians view domestic violence? and has Gerard Baden clay has used the system in his advantage? .
             Recent statistics of domestic violence cases show the vast majority of dangerous, abusive and violent behavior that occurs in the privacy of people's homes is committed by men against women. The most recent information on violence in Australia comes from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Personal Safety Survey. The survey found that "Just under half a million Australian women reported that they had experienced physical or sexual violence or sexual assault in the past 12 months." 33.3% of women had experienced physical violence since the age of 15, 19.1% of women had experienced sexual violence since the age of 15 and 12.

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