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The Wild Child

            ​Genie was a girl, born in 1957, who was locked up and kept isolated from the world all of her childhood. During the time she was locked up in a room, she was strapped down to a potty-chair, and when she'd make noise, she'd be abused. When she was found, her parents were taken into custody leading her father to kill himself, and her mother to play dumb. When Genie was taken in, she wasn't potty-trained, couldn't talk, and she couldn't walk properly. Genie was soon taken into Children's Hospital in Los Angeles, and many people had questions. They hadn't seen anything like this since Victor, The Wild Child, was discovered, and because of this, they thought it was there turn to study her.
             ​ Being around so many scientists who wanted answers had to be a lot, so one of the scientist thought it would be good for her to connect with one person to start off with. As time went on, they began teaching her things to see if she was actually capable of learning. They had learned that the reason Genie's father lock her up all those years was because he thought she was retarded. Her teacher thought otherwise and throughout time Genie slowly made progress. The question is, was she getting the chance to socialize the way she needed to? No. She wasn't. The factor that played the biggest role in Genie's lack of socialism was them combining research with bettering her. If they truly was focused on trying to get Genie better, and help her learn more they would've focused on that one task and that one task only. Instead, they spent more time running tests and trying to figure her out. Something that would've contributed in helping Genie would've been putting her around the thing she missed out on the most and that was being around other children. By her being around other kids, she most likely would've had a better chance at picking up on some of the things she saw other children doing. Children tend to learn from people around their age more than people a lot older than them.

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