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My Mother - She Carried Me

            Over the past seven years, I have had a stomach condition. Doctors have not been able to diagnose what it is. This condition causes me to throw up randomly and without warning. My mother has spent endless nights in the hospital with me, screaming at doctors because they are doctors, and they are supposed to know what is wrong. Of course when something is wrong, we want to know what is wrong right then and there. Sadly, this is not always possible, because doctors have run so many tests but still have no answers.
             My mother has taken me from doctor to doctor in an attempt to figure out what might be wrong with my stomach. The first year of my problem, I decided to go gluten free. The second year, I eliminated dairy, and the third year I had to kick caffeine out which is pretty much pop and coffee. Each year brought personal sacrifices mentally and physically. Although it was hard for me to stay strong, I had an even stronger woman by my side. My mom is my main supporter and care giver. Between staying home because I was too sick to function, and going to different doctors, she was there for everything. When I stopped eating gluten, eliminated dairy, and gave up caffeine she did also. Throughout the endless bouts of vomiting, she would hold back my hair, and after the vomiting stopped and the tears would come, she would hold my hand. She missed out on things with my brother because she was with me wherever I needed to be. She missed out on work to stay home and help with my aftercare. She put her whole life and education on hold because she needed to be with me. She watched me struggle through pain, and all she wanted was to help. After countless doctors' visits and experimental drugs, we have finally got the situation under control. Although I still get sick sometimes, at least I am not throwing up 37 times a day anymore. My mother's unconditional love for me has made me a better person.
             My mother's example has taught me to be a sweeter person.

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