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Blindfolded Emotions - Photography

            Only love makes us see normal things in an extraordinary way. Love is a very special and meaningful word and each human being has his/her own thoughts about it. For instance, a three-dimensional photograph called Dancing in the Dark by Simon Cederquist has a reflection represents a deep impression about love. This photograph was uploaded in his personal website and it does not have publishing date. The photograph presents a romantic setting of a blindfolded couple dancing in wedding clothes implying a miraculous harmony. The couple are in a remote place standing in the middle of bear traps. The angle of the light and the cloudy sky in this photo gave it a wonderful dramatic and old attractive look. The smile on the couple's faces is clearly visible. There is also a long road leading to a top of a mountain in the background. In my opinion, this photo symbolizes the idea of blind love through the appearance and the surroundings.
             In the photo, the band on the couple's eyes sets the theme of blind love. In fact, the couple being blindfolded also justifies why they appear smiling while wearing poor ripped wedding clothes. It is an indication that though they recognize each other imperfection represented in the clothes, they still accept each other. Moreover, seeing them dancing holding each other in comfort and harmony indicates that the bond they have seem to be based on more in-depth illogical reasons rather than just on how they look. The man's bare feet show that the couple feel fearless when being together. This courage tells us that they do not feel the life difficulties resembled with the traps. Moreover, their position in the middle of these traps without any sense of danger demonstrate the meaning of staying together for better or for worse.
             This photograph also demonstrates the idea that blind love has no boundaries and goes beyond all limitations and adversities. The photograph portrays couple standing in the beginning of a long trapped road dressed in wedding clothes, which brings to light that being married is only the start of a long journey full of obstacles, as what the traps stand for.

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