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Sex Slavery and Human Trafficking

            Sex slavery happens in the United States to people of all ages. Sex trafficking is the sale and purchase of human beings as property. This crime includes forced marriages, domestic violence, or other forced sexual activity. You are basically giving up your body for money. Why would somebody do that to themselves? Are they depressed? Do they want the attention? Are they being forced? It does not matter who you are. This could happen to anybody. .
             Human trafficking occurs more in California and Texas around the international travel-hubs. Approximately 17,500 people are forced into sex slavery every year. It is happening to people of all ages. According to the United States federal law, anybody under the age of 18 forced into this type of behavior is considered sex trafficking, and it is also illegal. 1 out of 6 children who turned up missing were sex trafficking victims. Actions forced upon the victim by the trafficker vary in many ways. You could be getting abused, or you could be in a caring, happy relationship with that person. Some traffickers beat their sex slaves if they are not doing their job right (PolarisProject).
             Child prostitution is also involved in this disgusting act. An innocent child is forced to perform sexual activity to earn money for an adult. A child cannot withstand the strength of an adult. In the act of child prostitution, a child does not have the choice to say whether they want to participate in it or not. A little child cannot defend for his/her self. There are cities in the United States where child prostitution is ignored by the authorities. Sex traffickers do not tend to think about other people. They only think about themselves and the benefits they get out of this horrible crime. A child can be forced to have sex just so he/she can eat and have shelter for the night (Wikipedia2016). .
             Prostitution is not only associated with children. Adults are forced into it as well.

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