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Abortion - Notes and Sources

            Abortion has been an issue that has bothered me, ever since I moved to Texas. Texas being a conservative and pro-life have voiced out against the feticide and attacked abortion clinic and doctors. A friend of mine underwent an illegal abortion from fear of being kicked out of her church and family. This incident touched my heart, and I vowed to myself that I would never commit abortion, regardless of being disgraced or losing my family in the process. Although my stance on abortion makes me dislike the method, many women around the world don't have resources to raise a baby. Also, some women with medical issues with babies can have complications, when giving birth. The doctor recommends abortion for them, but because of the law that finds abortion illegal, both the woman and the baby die in the process. As a result, you can save only one life. Many people hate abortion, even calling murder in some cases. I decided to choose this topic, to see if doctors should be allowed to perform abortion legally, instead of women finding the alternative somewhere else. When were in the library, I learnt about the resources to get information about my topic. We used the search engine to search sources for our topics. We also learnt how we can limit the sources found, by finding other synonyms for our topics. My first document discusses how women should have the choice to say if they want to have an abortion, instead of the government getting involved. My second source argues that the women's right don't outweigh the baby's life. The baby should have a chance to leave. My third source is a journal that discusses how abortion to be restricted to twenty weeks old fetus. My fourth source talks about an abortion drug and other regulations from the court. A video I watched opened my eyes to the issues, a doctor talked about removing the fetuses in parts and dismembering the body of the unborn fetuses (Levantino, 2nd Trimester Surgical Abortion: Dilation and Evacuation (D & E)).

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