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Mother Earth Needs the Pill

             Since the start of time as we know it, mankind has accepted the duty to reproduce. This has been a pre-programmed behavior to ensure the survival of our species. Many decades have passed and with each, the human population on earth has grown exponentially. Long ago mankind's survival was in danger; we needed to increase population to ensure our survival. Today our survival is still in danger and again population plays a major role, however this time around we need population control. Since 1960 the human population on earth has doubled in size. Currently, 6,331,820,519 people call planet earth home (http://www.census.gov/main/www/popclock.html). Although there is some debate about whether overpopulation is among us, many experts agree that we have long surpassed the steady level of resources needed to sustain human life. Of course we don't feel those effects much over here in America. Perhaps this is the reason why there is some disagreement on the topic of how many are too many. I will attempt to solve this confusion by examining what is behind the different points of view on the topic of overpopulation.
             There are many different ideas about what and how serious overpopulation is. Some feel there are way too many people stressing the diminishing resources on our planet while others feel like there are not enough people in this world and we can always use more contacts. Your view on this would likely be related to your stance on issues such as economic growth, environmental protection, or even abortion laws. For example, the deputy editor of Forbes magazine wanted to encourage population growth when he stated; "If all the people in China and India lived in the United States (excluding Alaska), this country would still have a lighter population density than England, Belgium, or Holland". Although the facts he gave where true, it is obvious to me that he was motivated by the gain of financial opportunity when he made this comment.

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