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            Prostitution is simply an issue of individual liberty. The controls of a person's own body is the most basic of human rights. Governments should not have the power to impose legal penalties upon the men and women who choose to be promiscuous. Government regulation causes an act of lawful and consensual sexual intercourse to be illegal when the exchange of money occurs.
             Granted that prostitution has been present in societies across the world for thousands of years, governments should recognize that prostitution cannot be eradicated. Most prostitutes that work in legalized brothels in Nevada and other cities such as Amsterdam(Netherlands) and Victoria(Austrailia) have said that they receive money for sexual gratification (www.realwomenca.com). Andrew Wyllie believes that those against legalized prostitution are hypocrites. He said in his debate article," For some reason, one of the oldest professions on the planet is considered one of its least moral. Get off your high horse. You all like sex, and you know it. I"m sure you wouldn't mind getting paid for it either." Consequently, national governments should pass legislation that makes prostitution safer, rather than persist with futile and dangerous prohibition.
             Prostitutes have performed a valid social function for thousands of years. Prostitution has actually helped maintain marriages and relationships. Instead of a relationship, a purely physical transaction occurs in prostitution, a commercial exchange that does not jeopardize the emotional stability of a relationship. In Italy, for example, a visit to a prostitute does not violate the law against adultery.
             Many libertarian feminists consider that prostitution reflects the independence and dominance of modern women. The majority of prostitutes are women. Once the dangers of abuse from male clients and pimps are removed, the capacity of women to control the sexual response of men in a financially beneficial relationship is liberating.

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