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Discrimination in a Discriminatory Nation

            Two applicants apply for the same job, both with the same credentials. Same education, same experience, both have copious references, and neither have a criminal record. The only difference? One of them is white, while the other is a minority. In this situation, four for five times, the employer will choose the white applicant. Society has comes a long way from having segregated schools, bathrooms, and drinking fountains, but it isn't enough. Racial discrimination continues to predominate the public and the workplace and it is creating a toxic world.
             Through wage separation and poverty rates, it must be addressed that racial discrimination is very real in society, particularly in the workplace. Unemployment is a key factor in identifying inequalities between African Americans and whites. According to PubMed, African Americans are twice as likely to be unemployed, and minority wages lag well behind those of whites (PubMed). Also, from 2008 to 2009, only 13% of Americans lived in poverty while 35% of black Americans were in poverty as well (Tim Wise). It is evident from these statistics that racial discrimination is very real, but that is certainly not the only evidence. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, "in April 2011, while only 8% of whites were unemployed, 16.1% of black Americans went unemployed." (Bureau of Labor Statistics) Not only that, but while the Recession hit everyone hard, the official African American unemployment rate was 50% higher than the white American rate (PubMed). These facts spell a dangerous reality in America that needs to be fixed. It is types of realities like this that are eye opening and help identify that racism is still very prevalent.
             Although racial discrimination is real even to those who endorse it, it is not necessarily bad, and has its justifications. Many people believe that racism gives whites the faith they need in the war for freedom from other races, and gives us a sense of "pride and destiny".

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