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Ethnic Groups in Advertising

            The only way for consumers to know about a new product is through advertising. At first, advertising was just in print, in newspapers. Today, though, advertisements are seen everywhere throughout America. Advertisers have used every media possible in order to sell their products to consumers. Newspapers, magazines, television, and social media websites, have all become platforms for companies to advertise a product to the world. Companies gear these advertisements to appeal to certain groups of people, especially people of a certain ethnicity. "advertising is grabbing attention and then sharing some message with the person whose attention has been grabbed!" (). Advertisers also portray certain ethnicities negatively, creating stereotypes that are not true to certain groups of people in America. "Racial stereotypes are constructed beliefs that all members of the same race share given characteristics"(Jewel 1993). American advertising negatively affects different minority groups, affecting their personal identity because of its constant use of wrongful stereotyping. .
             Minorities are often portrayed using false stereotypes in advertising, while whites continue to be portrayed as having a higher place in society. In commercials and other types of ads, there is a major difference between how whites and minority groups are portrayed. White men and women are usually shown as people of higher status with a greater amount of wealth. They are seen driving nice cars, in expensive watch commercials, or living in mansion all these examples are portraying whites as having more money/status then minority groups. In car commercials, women are usually tall, skinny and blonde and are shown sitting on top of the car showing off their body. This is giving off the message that white women are better looking and deserve a car similar the one she is sitting on top of. Minorities are under represented in advertisements and commercials in America.

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