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A Letter to My Future Self

            I am writing to you from the not to distant future of 2016, where we have reached the totally ridiculous age of seventeen (yes we really made it that far!) Although it may be strange to hear, life as an adolescent isn't quite as glamorous as previously imagined. A piece of advice kid, cherish this time. You've got a lot of talent, and you'll achieve things you never thought possible, but the unfortunate truth is that you're also an emotionally wrecked perfectionist. if you don't heed this letter and change the future, most of your young life will be a sort dark eclipse where you isolate yourself from a lot of people and fail to enjoy your own success. You'll dedicate yourself so much and work so hard on tasks that eventually your body gives in and school becomes a challenge psychically every day. A few cautions, do not let your sense of humour of the absurd slip. Try to remember that what is happening at the moment is only that- a moment. You will be told your dreams are absurd fantasies. Don't believe anyone, no matter how superior they seem. Trust your internal instincts that tells you, you can achieve. It pains me to say that your teenage years will be wasted in a whirlwind of hospital admissions and waiting rooms, months without end of heartbreaking anguish and isolation from former peers. Please focus on the positives within yourself. There will come a time where you glare and the decrepit reflection of your former self, only to wonder how things escalated so far, please believe that period in life will change. Emotions will flare but eventually it passes. Although primary school has caused you to feel inferior to your peers, you are indeed intelligent, you have a unique view of the world which allows you to see the injustices and absurdities of life most others don't. Becoming what's called a brainwashed 'prole', conforming to society isn't a smart thing. Do not be so quick to judge others, you may find one day those people will be your idols.

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