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            Numerous theorists believe that academic letter grades are as close to a measurement of a person's mental capacity as white is to black. It can be concluded by many that in various cases a low mark in one educational class may be acceptable because of its complexity, contrary to my beliefs. In my judgment, a grade is a reflection of one's application and effort. That is why in the fall of my 2000-2001 school career, I took my evaluation of a low "B" in my language class as a massive blow. I felt like a struggling zebra fighting to remain at the equivalent of my other classmates that created my herd. My marking caused me to: delve into my past academic devotion, review the reasons behind my marking, and attempt to change my future. .
             Initially, the assessment caused me to investigate my past academic devotion. Immediately I decided I was going to figure out what I did in that past that I hadn't done at that instance. After loads of contemplation I established that I hadn't changed any methods in my productivity. After detecting that, I recognized that as the years go by standards are raised and one is expected to mature as the go along. To my dismay I was just a tad immature when compared to my classmates and quickly learned that I needed to step up and progress with the herd. .
             Secondly I attempted to discover why I ended the first six weeks of my seventh grade year with a "B" in language. After much communication with the teacher and my fellow peers I determined that my grade was a consequence of my relaxed persona and irresponsible behavior. It all boiled down to my choices and actions that grading period. I promptly put my information to good use and used it as a comparison for potential procedures.
             Finally, I molded my future by setting my goals and self-expectations. Eventually I realized that if I wanted to succeed in school I had to want to accomplish it. Like a bottle filling a baby that understanding fed my mind with the needed knowledge.

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