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Sample Letter of Communication

             I want to first say congratulations on your upcoming marriage. I am writing you this letter to give you some information that I have learn from taking an interpersonal communications class to help you gain some understanding, insight and the skills needed to help achieve healthy communication in your marriage. While taking this course I have learned in order to have a healthy and long lasting relationship communication is an important part and it takes hard work to keep those lines open. Communication is not just talking, its nonverbal as well. In this letter I will talk about the following five learning outcomes; self-concepts and how it is developed and maintained, listening strategies, recognizing the power of words, understanding nonverbal expression and emotional intelligence.
             Self-concept is the first thing I will be talking about. I want to explain what self-concept is and how it affects us and our relationships. "Self-Concept can be defined as an appraisal of your own attributes and competencies"(Sole, pg. 3.1). Self-Concept is in part how we see ourselves, how we perceive that others see us, what people say about us and what humankind believes we should be. Self-concept is sometimes constructed on how we see ourselves physically, which often causes trouble with our interpersonal communication in our relationships. If you see yourself in a negative manner for long enough, then that is how others will see you as well, and the opposite it true as well if you see yourself in a positive manner then others will see the positive side of you. People place too much importance on our outer appearance that when it comes to their happiness. .
             If you are placing some much importance on how you look you are not truly happy with your outer appearance, then you have nothing else to fall back on. "If you feel good about yourself for other reasons, like your abilities, accomplishments, relationships and personal characteristics, you'll have more of a cushion to maintain your level of satisfaction and happiness""(Kenny, C September, 2011).

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