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The Telephone

            The final concept of the quest is transformation where a change in character is revealed. The hero has been transfigured by the quest and it is evidenced at the conclusion of the quest. Mrs. Ames' plunge into the earth is the example of her transformation. A woman who, prior to this opportunity, only made worthless comments of concern regarding the problem, now is involving herself physically with its resolution. She doesn't pause, but to tell her servant to let her husband know as she fastens her hair, but proceeds bravely where she had never given a thought of entering. She forgets her husband's comment knowing that it was not worth preventing herself from being involved here. It goes beyond pride she may have felt damaged by the astronomer's tone because now she has learned where her true place is, "the heart of the earth"(63).
             Mrs. Ames' quest is a successful one as she meets every aspect of it and in concluding finds true treasure and transformation. This treasure of knowledge may be the single most important piece she ever obtains. The transformation she is beginning to undergo may lead her toward a brighter direction in life. She is a hero of her own tale who suffered with a silent companion until she was able to save herself from a monotonous life through revelation. .
             Mrs. Ames' quest proves the simple fact that women are more than their husband's wives for at the beginning she clearly wasn't much more than the "Astronomer's Wife." It is has been a struggle for women to practice this knowledge throughout history. It applies to many who have suffered in similar ways or witnessed it, as archetypes aim to do. Women have common bonds as do people of all genders, creeds, and races. Literature can be a device, through the use of archetypes, that captures the common bond. .

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